Anaesthesia Apparatus / Machine

D4 Surgicals (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a Manufacturer and Exporter of Anesthesia Apparatus. These Anaesthesia Machines can be made as per Customers specifications if required at an extra cost.We provide Anaesthesia Apparatus to suit the requirements of each and every medical profession. These Anaesthesia Apparatus Equipments are used in most of the Indian hospitals, Laboratory and Dispensaries. D4 Surgicals has also earned a good reputation from the international community as one of the best quality Anesthesia Apparatus Manufacturer from India. While Manufacturing these Anesthesia Apparatus best quality standards are followed.

MK III 'S' / 'M' Anaesthesia Apparatus
Economy 'S'/'M' Anaesthesia Apparatus Trolley
Anaesthesia Machine MK III (ES) /(EM) Trolley

Portable Anaesthesia Machine

Basic 'S1'/'M1' Anaesthesia

Hypoxia Guard with ORC Facility at Rotameter

Basic 'S2'/ 'M2' Anaesthesia Apparatus Trolley

Mainstream Oxygen Monitor

Medical Gas Delivery System

MK III 'S' Anesthesia Apparatus
MK III 'M' Anesthesia Apparatus

Tabular, Rigid, Complete Stainless Steel Sections or Electrostatically Powder Coated Mild steel sections. Rigid stainless steel top tray (size 597mm x 360 mm) Extended rear platform for two 10 Ltr. water capacity cylinders.
Four large diameter Anti static Castor wheels with double ball bearing for anti-friction movement. Front Castors have break.
Colour Coded Cylinder Yokes
Gas specific(Pin-indexed) Yokes with sliding clamping bars for easy handling.
Colour coded & Pressure Gauges
Large diameter (63 mm) two each for Oxygen and Nitrous oxide, fitted at convenient angle for high visibility and clarity.
Designed for higher efficiency and reliability; two each for Oxygen and Nitrous oxide.
OFWD (Oxygen Failure Warning Device)
Pneumatic device which activates audio-visual alarm when oxygen supply pressure falls to 205 kPa.
Long (230 mm) rotating bobbling flowmeters calibrated in double/ triple scale for accuracy and clarity in reading with Luminous Back Plate which highlights rotating Bobbin even in darkened O.T.
Oxygen : 100 ml/min to 8 liters/min
Nitrous Oxide : 200 ml/min to 12 liters/min
One Plenum type Ether Vaporiser fuly made in Brass & Copper and Goldman Halothene Vaporiser supplied as standard. Space for more vaporiser of choice is provided.
Non-return cum pressure Relief Valve
Minimises risk of backflow of gases; blows off when pressure exceeds 200 cm of water column.
Breathing Attachment
Standard magill's Circuit or Bains Circuit, Jackson Rees Circuit with changeover unit (open circuit to closed circuit & Vice versa).
Emergency Oxygen flush at table top level.
Machine Accessories
  • Two built-in self sealing Schrader type oxygen outlets (4.22 kg./cm2) For driving ventilators etc.
  • One 60 psi Oxygen self sealing outlet at conventional position with flowmeter & Humidifier Bottle.
  • One Saline Stand
  • B.P. Apparatus
  • Coloured Plastic Bins
  • Mox Oxygen Connection unit to attach Bulk cylinders to Yokes.
Circle Absorber
Complete Brass Body Circle Absorber with visible Inspiratory and Expiratory Valve, Transperent Double chamber Sodalime Cannister which can be easily reversed and fitted. A bypass controlled through lever to divert gas flow from Sodalime Cannister when not in use. A Circuit compramising- 2 corrugated Hoses attached to Swivel 'y' Piece and a 2 Ltr. Bag with hose.
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