OEM / Private Labelling

Our production facilities and support system is well-equipped to undertake Private Labelling Assignments wherein we manufacture OEM Products, as per the specifications of the buyer, which are placed in the market by the Buyer / Private Labeller.

The implementation process includes various phases : sourcing/producing raw material, preparing sub assemblies, final assembling, QC checks, packaging & allotment of batch number, logistics and safe product delivery. We also have the facility to offer custom ready-to-sell packaging to our clients.

Customized Product Development

We believe that a customer might require a custom product, suited to their specific needs and hence we have geared ourselves to develop customized products for our clients.

We also offer product designing services to offer and end-to-end solution in custom product development.

On-time Delivery / Shipping information

On-time delivery & up-to-date communication regarding the shipping information is another way to measure our performance. We guarantee 99% on-time delivery for small and large/bulk orders alike.