Portable Autoclave Aluminium (Steriklave)

  • Capacity 39 Litre & 24 Litre
  • Heavy cast aluminium chamber with aluminium alloy seamless inset container
  • Rubber gasket
  • Electrically operated
  • Safety clamping locks on cover
  • Dial pressure gauge graduated in kg/cm3, PSI and degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cover fitted with excess pressure relief valve and over- pressure rubber plug
  • Maximum pressure 21PSI/1.5 Bar
  • Maximum temperature 126°C/259°F
  • Scored water level fill mark inside chamber
  • Inner Chamber dimensions: 350mm diameter x 380mm deep & 300mm diameter x 300mm deep
  • Aluminium container
  • Additional spare over-pressure rubber plug

Provided with two safety Valves, Pressure Gauge, flexible metal tubing to exhaust Air
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