SSE-TUR Electrosurgical Generator

SSE-TUR Generators gives consistent and repeatable output as required by the surgeon in different types of surgeries.

SSE-TUR electro surgery generators gives best price performance ration in similar class of generators offered other manufactures and can be widely used in procedure including urology, GI, Gynaecologic, Orthopaedic, Thoracic and plastic surgery.

Performance Features
  • Highly Portable with weight of @ 4 kg.
  • Switching Power Supply accepts the wide range of input voltage from 170 to 270volts and hence keep the output constant throughout the range
  • Power-limiting output with automatic compensation circuit provides more consistent performance over wide range of tissue impedance
  • Patient Plate monitoring system for high operational safety
  • Absolutely safe as isolated RF output provides direct current return to the generator significantly reducing the risk of alternate site burns
  • Bipolar Mode provides controlled desiccation without charring, adhesion and blanching of tissues
  • True Spray Coag mode offers massive and rapid non-contact Coagulation
  • Fulgurate Coag mode for sealing bleeders.
  • Desiccate Coag mode for contact Coagulation
  • Pure cut and two blend modes gives surgeon varying degree of hemostasis in the cut mode
Technical Specifications
Mode Dial Power Load Operating Freq.
Pure 10 400 W 500 Ω 480 Khz
Blend 1 10 250 W 500 Ω 480 Khz
Blend 2 10 200 W 500 Ω 480 Khz
Mode Dial Power Load Operating Freq.
Spray 10 120 W 500 Ω 480 Khz
Fulgurate 10 150 W 500 Ω 480 Khz
Dessicate 10 100 W 500 Ω 480 Khz
Mode Dial Power Load Operating Freq.
Bipolar 10 80 W 300 Ω 480 Khz
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