Resuscitation Unit / Computerized Respiration Units

Infant Incubator
Resuscitation Unit
Infant Radiant Warmer
Phototherapy Unit

Resuscitation Unit

  • The controller is based on Micro computerized system.
  • Servo and Manual Modes.
  • Self test system provided
  • Large bright displays are easy to monitor and for viewing from a distance.
  • Double digital display system provided to measure the Infant temperature and to set the required temperature
  • Feather touch keys provided for easy operation.
  • Bar graph LED system provided to indicate the heater output.
  • Fault indication and alarms for
    • Baby probe failure
    • High temperature
    • Low temperature
    • High temperature cut off
    • Heater failure
    • Power failure
  • Baby probe is made of highly sensitive sensor and interchangeable
  • which does not need field calibration, the probe is made up of silicon sheathed cable, which allows easy cleaning.
  • Single element imported CE marked ceramic heater placed in a parabolic reflector.
  • The large baby tray made of stainless steel frame with three side acrylic collapsible walls.
  • IV stand provided
  • Trendelenburge / fowler system provided
  • Unit is powder coated
  • Observation lamp provided
  • Monitor tray provided
A halogen based phototherapy unit provided for Hyperbilirubinaemia management. Three halogen lamps are fitted on either side of the over head box. It is fitted in an angle position to focus the radiation on the Infant for maximum effectiveness.
The digital apgar timer is switched ON at the moment of birth and an acoustic alarm will sound after 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes, reminding to examine the new born according to the Apgar scheme.
The Neonatal Resuscitation unit heater box swivels away from the baby bed to make room for X-ray unit. Convenient tray assists you to achieve X-rays without disturbing the baby.
The slow suction unit is designed to work on latest diaphragm technology and results in being maintenance free, noiseless and provides high performance. The vacuum level can be adjusted with the regulator. A vacuum gauge provided to monitor the pressure.
The D4S Resuscitator allows the resuscitation test of distressed newborns in delivery room or in case of emergency. Reanimation is performed with positive pressure to the mask or endo tracheal tube with manual control and free expiration. The minimum and maximum pressure values can be preset and are clearly indicated on the monometer. The Resuscitator operates when connected to the air oxygen mixer or through any other flow meter.

Width : 1040 mm
Depth : 600 mm
Height : 1450 mm
Weight : 45 kgs Approx.
Baby Bed Size : 550 x 390 mm
Tilt : + / - 8o C
Recommended Environment for operation : 24o C to 30o C.
Humidity : 0 to 95 % R / H
Electrical : 230 V AC + / - 10 % 50 Hz.
Heater Wattage : 250 Watts Max.
Over all Wattage : 450 Watts when heater, Fan is ON.
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